Design-Build Construction Services

At Tecny Group, every project begins with the overview, which leads to the project design. For most building design and construction projects, whether residential to commercial, these initial steps set the direction and framework for the construction management and design of their projects.

Our goal is that the project is viewed through the lens of design, which benefits the client and the project. With this lens, Tecny Group can deliver projects effectively and seamlessly that are on-time, in-budget, and provide the best design results.

What is the Design Process?

From modern to traditional, and everything else in between, setting the parameters of the design is the first step. With architectural design issues like functionality and practicality at the forefront, this process provides clarity and simplicity in both the design and construction of every project. Client needs vary with each project making the design process differ as well.

The process makes design and execution seamless. Our seamless process makes design as efficient as possible, relating to cost and project management.

Client Input Leads the Design Process

Once the plans are finalized, the construction blueprint is set and can begin. At Tecny Group, the most important part of the design process is the client’s input.

When clients have a concrete idea of what they want, we integrate them into the design, as well as have a great collaborative effort. We can help clients decide what is best for them with options and ideas based on their needs. Our team will provide ideas and options for the client based on their needs.

While some projects such as a kitchen remodel can take as little as a month to design, larger projects can require longer. No matter the size or length of the project the quality of the result will be determined by where it all begins – with an efficient and smarter design process.

The Tecny Design Difference

Tecny Group isn’t like many of those design-build firms in NYC. At Tecny Group there is no such thing as routine design-build construction plans. Instead, every client has a voice and our team works with their clients to help them make informed decisions.

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We are a full-service design construction company, and we offer clients our expertise in every phase of the building process. With our qualified and creative team of designers, project and construction managers and experienced builders, we have the resources and skills to meet all of our clients’ project needs.

We are proud of the reputation and trust we have earned as design and build contractors.