Commercial Building Contractor

Businesses in NYC and the greater Tri-State area have many choices among commercial building contractors and commercial design-build firms. However, what makes the difference in cost-effective, professional commercial construction management on projects of $1M and more?

At Tecny Group our goal is to deliver superior results to our clients in their commercial projects. Here are the six ways we’ve identified how we deliver those results:

1. Collaborative design and construction management

We want our clients to be full participants at every step of the process in design and construction. We keep lines of communication open, translating the sometimes technical and confusing language of the construction business into the language of customer expectations. We make sure you are getting a clear picture of the progress of your job and a clear outline of what to expect.

2. A single point of contact

We realize that our clients don’t want to have to deal with city permit agencies, contractors, subcontractors, union reps, building inspectors, and suppliers, especially when architects, engineers, and designers make inputs into the discussion. Tecny manages the details of your construction contract. We give you a single point of contact for your entire project, allowing you to keep your messaging consistent and avoiding miscommunication.

3. Clear expectations, clear rules of engagement

It’s important to follow the rules laid down by the city, by the state, and by contract. But it is a distraction to deal with confusing demands all the time.

4. Technical expertise

Even the smallest construction management firms use modern technology. But not every firm is familiar with scheduling tools, costing tools, engineering tools, and cybersecurity. Tecny manages the technological interface. We can use technology to preserve your aesthetic vision to give you exactly the look and feel that you want, even if you weren’t unsure.

5. Transparent costing

The construction industry is plagued by delays and unexpected costs are a natural part of the building process. Tecny keeps its clients in the loop every time it’s necessary to innovate to keep the project going.

6. Operating on a foundation of credibility and trust

Each project presents its unique challenges. Tecny’s ability to take a personal approach to supervise architecture and engineering with experience, innovation, and versatility has won us praise in Avenue Magazine, Carnegie Hill News, Odyssey Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, and New York Times Homes. You can have confidence in the success of your project when Tecny is your construction manager.

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Tecny takes on projects ranging from banks to warehouses to office buildings to coffee shops. We have experience in NYC, in the Tri-State area, in Europe, and Asia. Email Tecny with your questions and inquiries. Or call us at (212) 697-4040. The offices of Tecny Group Inc. are located at 115 West 29th Street, Ste. 1103, New York, NY 10001.